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About Aspire

Being set up solely to drop-ship products for online retailers, we specialize in the wholesale distribution of home and garden accents. Our family has had over 30 years experience in the furniture industry and 8 years experience in wholesale distribution of home accents.

The Aspire brand is a curated collection of products that we source from large importers who do not drop-ship. We excel as a drop-shipper that offers a clean and efficient way of doing business, along with excellent and competitive pricing. Here are some of the ways we stand out as an excellent product source:

Up-Front, Low-Cost Pricing

We offer low prices along with a low drop-ship fee. Even our shipping are available as a flat rate charge! So you never have to guess what the bottom line that you will pay for your product is. For those who prefer to ship using their own carrier accounts, we also support this.

Very Thorough Product Information

Detailed data for all of our products contained in a CSV Excel file can be emailed to you. Contained in this file are professionally written descriptions that are written in full sentences and use good grammar. The file also includes just about everything you need to know about a product, including fields for weight, country of origin, our prices, and much more! This makes it so that adding our hundreds of products to your website may only be a matter of hours, not days.

Professional Product Photos

We provide hi-res photos (around 1000px and larger) that are tightly cropped and have a white background. We can mail you a CD of the images or upload them directly to your FTP site.

Reliable Shipping

We professionally package and ship every item within 5 business days of receiving your order. Email updates with tracking information are sent to you. Over 99% of orders are shipped out on time.

Inventory Updates

We provide weekly updates as to the status of our inventory levels. Updates are sent via email in CSV Excel form.

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